Zombeers Infest (EP 2009)

by Nucleador

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First EP recorded in 2008 and released in 2009.
The lyrics talk about monstrons, zombies, aliens and nuclear waste.
The songs have an old school thrash proposal, as in the '80s.


released May 30, 2013

Line Up (2009):

- Murillo Viana - guitar
- Caio Murder - vocal
- Bruno Petoh - drums
- Luiz Solon - bass

* All musics and lyrics by Murillo Viana.



all rights reserved


Nucleador Aracaju, Brazil

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Track Name: Nucleador - Municipal Wasted
All this fuckin wasted!
Listing to this shit!

The cycle of solid waste
Is the open wound of the wet crowd
The dogs lick up the rubbish
As their rabid mouths spit used band-aids

Pus, Rottiness!
Buzzards party on the social gut
Pus, alienation!
Beside children pick up survival

To produce, to use and to get rid off
So here then is only recycled conformism
And between needles and bottles
The intestine of earth always in time to explode
All wasted...

I'm not wasted, I'm not!
What's happen to me?
I'm not wasted!
The hole fuckin world is wasted.

Municipal, municipal wasted!
and brass and roachs
and remains and rats
and pork chop bacterias
are the bums company

Misery accumulated in plastic bags
No mercy rolled in cardboards
Hunger all sides
lllnes inside... of municipal Wasted.
Track Name: Nucleador - Zombeer Fest
So a chemistry leak
Poured beer at the cemetery
Gnawing old brasses
Of some old nuclear abadon deposit
Corpses,beer and radiation
as a result an atomic mix
Raise the rotten dead
With some unsaciable thirst

Ice and cooler!
The instinct took them
To the most groovy bars at town

the chaos took over
The human party is over, man
Brain is only an appetizer
Beer is the main course tonight

"When the hell was full
and no more beer left
The dead shall rise
and walk, drink and eat among us , man"

Zombeers infest!
For the zombeer fest
Oh shit! Cheers!

In each zombie burp
Their throt was puked
No limits to drunkness
That's the zombeers motto
Barbecue of tits
Zombies insane at the flirt
Pissing their own bladder
And rotting at the moonlight
Moonlight! Horse ride!

And when they ran out of beer
They needed to rest
Back then to their graves
But setting all the things first
That all years in october
They would come back
And shall drink one more lake of beer
In one more crazy...Zombeer Fest!
Track Name: Nucleador - Atomic Cockroaches

For ages and ages they lived in the drain
Survivals of underground fuckin insane
And then a nuclear crack
Making thru the surface our new homies in attack

Claws and bloody jaws
Turn delinquent any living being left
Stepping on bodies until swash
They don't know Joe,cockroach attack, man!

Holy motherfuckin shit
Cockroach attack man!
Fiding roaches in the pot, fuck!

Atomic cockroaches
Like in a `c´ Class thash movie
Atomic cockroaches
Huge and starvin terrorizing

The taste of flesh and blood drive them insane
Eating peoples brains
And your heads and your leg and your pack of cocaine
Slaving, using and reproducing you
All in a gren sunshine view
Sucking your grandmothers eyes
That's the start of a new arise

Atomic cockroaches
Like in a 'C´ class thash movie
Atomic Cockroaches
Huge and Stavin Terrorizing

Cockroach attack
Fuck the Roachs Attack

Man, what the fuck this roaches are doing of the pot?

Atomic cockroaches
Like in a 'C' class thash fuckin movie
Atomic cockroaches]
Huge and starvin terrorizing!!
Track Name: Nucleador - Space BadTrip
look to sky,we're gonna die!

Aliebs gonna kill your mom
What's really going wrong?
In a search of nuclear trash
Chasing all radioactive stash
Making fast food with human raw meat
But focus in their green sick vice
Drooling just to think about it
Drug pleasure is what they like


Landing and fiting ships into skate bowis
With tentacles leave them all impaled
Of who dears stay
Or cross your fuckin way ,Duh!

they are starving!
Human brain is tasty
They are starving!
In a hunger of nuclear wasty
They are starving
A stone's throw to domination land

The heroin nuclear
The herion! Nucleador

What the fuck?

What the fuck?
Open, power plants, leaking
Is not a good sing
What the fuck ?
Open, Power plants, bringing
The anihilation time
Open, power plants, leaking
Is not a good sing
Open, power plants, leaking
Is anihilation time

Look to sky we're all gonna fuckin die!

Aliens gonna drug your dog
Fooling around at dawn
Laughing at your face
Smiling to your desgrace

Junkie aliens Are nasty
they are starving!
Tripping low in a splatter blasty
They are starving!
A stone 's throw to domination land.